Board and Batten from Graber Post Buildings, Inc.

Graber board and batten
graber board and batten

The Board & Batten profile is the most recent metal panel offering found in the Graber Post Buildings, Inc. product line.  Metal Board & Batten allows for a more distinct look and is commonly used for residential projects.

While Board & Batten designed with wood requires yearly maintenance in order to keep its nice attractive appearance, metal panels require no painting, sealing, or power-washing.

Traditional board & batten is patched together, often resulting in unwanted insects, moisture, dirt, etc. Graber’s metal panel system is seamless and the fasteners are concealed to ease your concern about any unwanted pests or leaks down the road.  Metal panels are also resistant to weather, unlike wood siding which very often leads to rot and decay after years of exposure.

Metal Board & Batten panels are also very easy to install and maintain.

Why Choose Metal Board & Batten?

  • Carries a 40-year paint warranty
  • Available in 22 standard colors as well as 6 textured colors
  • Longevity! More durable than vinyl and less maintenance than wood
  • Can be cut to custom lengths, reduces wastes on job-sites
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Available in 26 & 29 GA
  • Optional embossed wood texture

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Color Swatches
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